Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I finally remembered my stupid password and email for this blog. Sheesh!

Well, MJ and I are in our last semester. We have to take all these classes that we've been putting off 'til the last second (oceanography for me and math for MJ, at least I get to learn about dolphins and the Mariana's trench... really important for my career).

We both finished our applications for grad school and are anxiously awaiting the results.


Calloways said...

Yea for a new post. Can't wait to see where you'll be moving. Maybe closer to us! :)

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

I was starting to dream about that bruised toe..... I don't even know why I kept checking. I was just hoping that someday there would be a new blog, and today was the day. What schools did you apply to?

Tara said...

Congrats to the soon to be Grad School Students! Make sure you post more about that when you know more! SO good to see a new post!

byufish said...

SOOOOO glad you remembered the password! This will be important when you leave Logan. Have I heard rumors of acceptance letters? See you in a week or two!