Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Time and the DMC
or How the Summer Ended Unexpectedly.

Back at it. Over the summer the Option 1 Studio at Rice University was to compile a portfolio made up of the previous year's work. So the day before class started, most of us began. The mad dash to print and fold our 11x17s, reminded me of the beginning of last year.

-introduction to 95 degrees and 100% humidity
-a one month delay of all our possessions (there are five "s"s in "possessions")
-aside from an education in architecture, an intense immersion course in student loans (barely passed).
-a hurricane
-moving to the 2nd biggest state and the 4th biggest city

Thinking back on these helped me realize how easy this year's transition has been.
Being back has been great and I got a job at the Digital Media Center on campus. My job is to help people edit videos and use the adobe creative suite, so it's mostly just fun.


mj said...

So.. I'm so glad it's mostly just fun...and yeah the adjustment ahs been much smoother now that I think about it.

The Ortons said...

im glad you updated. i love your updates.

byufish said...

LOVE that you're a CS4 expert...may I call you next time I have a problem? Congrats...I hear those are the sweetest jobs...at least our students say they are!! Happy schooling.

Diane said...

Glad it was much easier. Good blog.

Tammy said...

You're back in Houston. Hope your late night portfolio turned out really great. I'm sure it did. We miss you guys.

Tammy said...

And MJ looks like she has TONS of hair in that picture by the way. Tell her.

Becky said...

New job huh? it seems like you are always able to find something that works great with what your doing. Godd job Bri.

Janay said...

So, how's the sweet new job? Are you the smartest man in Texas now? Probably. We watched the movies of the relay race in June and it made us miss you guys.