Saturday, January 8, 2011

What an amazing place. Last night I slept from 8 pm to 4 am.
When I woke up I was anxious to do something.
Perfect time to go explore all the famous sites of the city.

The Seine at 5:30 am, the streets were empty.

Trying to take a self portrait in the vacant city.

Boats along the Seine. I think people live in them.

The scaleless Louvre, massive.
La Tour Eiffel at sunrise. This is after I jumped a construction barrier and was running away from security, bad decision.

View of the Seine from outside our studio apartment.

15 quai aux Fluers, home.
I can't wait till you get here MJ.


..... Johnny and Becky ..... said...

Wow cool pics Bri. You're very adventurous to search the city at such a time, and run away like a bad man. It looks so fun, but I bet you're anxious for MJ to get there. Will you please stay there until June, so that we can meet up?!

p.s. Do you have some of those air show pics that you could email our way, or does MJ have them?

byufish said...

Wow....I'm soooo jealous!! Way to pick the right school, the right program, and letting your SMARTS get you to Paris. I'm so amazed at your talent and brain power. Glad I can brag about my nephew!!